What follows should be considered a ‘potted history’ of Hale School.

We acknowledge that it is not exhaustive but it does show that Hale's original values, vision and motto have been preserved and valued throughout its history and have been embodied in the philosophy and achievements of the School and its students since its inception.

THE POTTED HISTORYpdf version. Potted History 

For a comprehensive history of the School and its Old Boys the following publications are available through the Old Haleians’ Association:


‘FROM SLATE TO CYBERSPACE - Hale School 150 Years’


To commemorate the school’s 150th anniversary, Archivist/Curator, Mr Bill Edgar, has written a fascinating account of the statesmen, explorers, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers whose education at the School has provided the leadership for Western Australia’s modern development and prosperity.

Listed in the back of the book are the names of every student who attended Hale School during those 150 years.


‘FROM VELDT TO VIETNAM – Haleians at War’


This book also by Hale Archivist/Curator Mr Bill Edgar, gives a comprehensive account of Old Haleians’ involvement in various theatres of conflict from the Boer War through to Vietnam.

Both of these books are availbale for purchase online: Purchase Here