'LEADING THE WAY' - Mentoring Program


The OHA is proud to announce the ‘Leading the Way’ mentoring program designed to assist Old Boys reach their full potential in their chosen career - and within the community.

The program partners experienced Old Boys (mentors) with young Old Boys who are studying at tertiary level or in a traineeship or apprenticeship or just starting out in their careers (mentees).

We encourage any Old Haleianswho are interested in becoming a mentor to register HERE: 

(Once registered as a user of OHA Online, navigate to 'OHA Directories/Mentoring' on the top menu bar. Add yourself as a Mentor by filling in the relevant details - or check the list of mentors, if you are the one seeking some assistance. . .

You can find out more in our  Mentoring Booklet


It promises to be very rewarding and we encourage you all to get involved.