2022 Young Haleians' Endeavour Award Winner Announced

2022 Young Haleians' Endeavour Award Winner Announced

The Young Haleians Committee is very proud to announce that Kyiah O'Donohue (2015-20) is the recipient of the Endeavour Award for 2022.

The Young Haleians' Endeavour Award provides a unique opportunity for a member of the Young Haleian community to be nominated (or self-nominate) for an award that provides financial support designed to enable them to pursue their future goals – no matter their field of pursuit.

Every Young Haleian has the opportunity to strive towards a goal with purpose, and the Young Haleians’ Award is designed to provide the support needed to do so. The criteria for the award are outlined as follows:  

  • To  be  awarded  to  a  Young  Haleian  under  the  age  of  30  who  has  established  commitment  towards  and  achieved  (or  is  significantly  advanced  towards  achieving)  success  in  his  chosen  field  of  endeavour.    
  • He  must  be  able  to  demonstrate  noteworthy  accomplishments  within  this  field  and  have  strategies  in  place  to  further  progress  towards  a  significant  goal  while  reflecting  the  values  of  Hale  School.    
Among many strong applicants, Kyiah was the standout candidate who will be awarded $5,000 to further pursue his promising basketball career in the USA.Through the award, Kyiah will be supported to return to playing college-level basketball which was briefly paused due to travel restrictions and costs.

Kyiah's resilience to continue pursuing his passion, his determination to support his family and self-fundraise his path to returning to college basketball, and his ambitions for the future make him a wonderful representative of our Hale community. For current students, the boarding community, the Aboriginal community, his family, and recent graduates, Kyiah represents a strong role model who reflects many of the values that we aspire to embody at Hale.

Kyiah is pictured below (R) being presented with his award by YH committee member, Kim O'Brien (L).

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