Debut Single: Leaving this Town

Debut Single: Leaving this Town

Music has always been in Dan’s life - but it has not always been a major part of it.

Dan Tredget (2002-13) had a few piano lessons when he was younger and played the clarinet in the Junior School band. He also remembers playing the piano for the House Choir and House Band on Arts Cup Day: Buntine came 9th and 10th, if Dan’s memory serves him well. So, yes – music was never a major pastime.
On leaving Hale, Dan completed a Bachelor of Arts in French and Media studies at UWA which would explain why he spent a lot of time travelling through France in those first years out of school. It was in France that the music bug hit!

"I was actually staying in a small town called Deauville in Normandy for a few weeks when I was travelling and learnt to play classic tunes by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Nirvana etc. in an acoustic club. As soon as I got back to Perth I bought myself an acoustic guitar and spent the year practising. By the end of 2015 I was writing my own songs.”  

Dan is now living in London. He loves the fact that you can perform live every night of the week whilst also rubbing shoulders with some of the best talent in the country.

“Being constantly saturated by what the London music scene offers is very motivating and encourages me to always improve and be the best I can.”   

Dan has already accomplished his goal of performing 300 live shows in his first year. Many of the events are open mic and often unpaid but Dan sees it all as part of the training. He has met some incredible artists, performed all around the UK and scored a meeting with Sticky Studios (Windlesham) who after hearing his demos offered to record Dan’s debut EP. He now has a 5 track EP recorded and has released his first single, Leaving the Town which is available on all platforms.
Dan will be releasing the remaining 4 tracks over the coming months and envisages a lot more gigging, couch surfing, public transport and Tesco meals as he navigates his way into what he hopes will turn music from a passion into a career.
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