Endeavour Award Winner 2021

Endeavour Award Winner 2021

The Endeavour award applications year on year continue to showcase the talent and drive of the Young Haleian cohort and we are very excited to present this year’s winner, Rob Ferritto (2006-11).

Following his time at Hale, Rob was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and completed his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Economics, graduating with first class honours. Rob worked for the Water Corporation as a chemical engineer and in doing so realised the positive global impact of water management. He then pursued a Master of Philosophy in Water Science, Policy and Management at the University of Oxford. While water management is an important social matter, particularly in developing nations, Rob has looked to further his ability to impact society in a positive manner and is currently completing his Doctor of Philosophy in Geography and the Environment at Oxford.

Rob’s Doctor of Philosophy (“DPhil”) focuses on examining the gendered impacts of Ethiopia’s development pathways to understand what is important to the women working in industrial sectors and how policies can be designed to help them. Rob hopes to use his Dphil as a launching pad to further explore inequality within Ethiopia and at a higher level, the developing nations.

The Young Haleians are extremely proud to be able to support Rob in his endeavour and look forward to seeing the meaningful impact Rob will have on those in developing nations.

Honorable mentions:
Josh Morley (2006-10) for his endeavour in the field of emerging technologies and Riley Pearce (2005-09) for his unwavering passion in Music. Both who submitted excellent applications and who the Young Haleians' committee look forward to working with and following their path closely in the future.
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