Faulkner Awards Announced

Faulkner Awards Announced

Old Haleians' Association acknowledged the significant contribution of two Old Haleians on Old Boys' Day.

The Faulkner Award recognizes an outstanding contribution by an Old Boy over an extended period through interest, involvement and passionate support for the Association and its representation.
The Award is named in recognition of Charles Faulkner, Headmaster between 1889-1914, and who was a key figure behind the establishment of the ‘High School Old Boys Association’. He was instrumental in prompting and organizing the first Annual Dinner in 1904, following which support grew for a formal association. The Constitution was adopted at a meeting held on 23 June 1909. Faulkner was the inaugural President and held the post for five years in total.
The Old Haleians' Association committee recognizes the contribution of two Haleians who have made a significant contribution to our Association over many years. Congratulations to Grant Kidner (1976) and John Garland (1976) who were both awarded the Faulkner Award on Old Boys' Day 2021.

Grant Kidner (1972-76)
Grant is an incredibly well-respected member of the OHA Committee. He joined the committee in 2003 and took on the role as Treasurer in his first year. He has held that role for an incredible 17 years and has the record of being the Association’s longest serving Treasurer.  An accountant by trade, Grant has ensured the financial position of the Association continues to remain in good standing enabling the Association to meet its many endeavours including providing bursary and scholarship assistance as required.
During his time on the committee, Grant has been involved with many projects including work focusing on the strategic direction of the committee ensuring it continues to meet the aims and needs of members.  He has also been an integral member of the events sub-committee and instrumental in getting our networking breakfasts and Western Derby footy functions off the ground year after year.
Grant has also contributed generously to appeals including the John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre.
Grant is someone you can depend on to get a job done and works tirelessly and methodically behind the scenes. His commitment to Hale and the Association is second to none.
John Garland (1972-76)
John attended Old Boys’ Day for many years before joining the OHA Committee in 2003. He was Vice President in 2004 and 2005 and then took on the role as President in 2006.  He stayed in this position until 2008 and at the time, John had the record for the longest presidential term in the history of the Association (it took an amendment to the constitution to allow him to do so!).  The committee felt it was only appropriate that John should lead the Association during the momentous activities involved with the celebration of the School’s 150th year during 2008. John’s contribution was enormous, and a job superbly done.
John took a couple of years break from the committee however he joined again in 2011 as President for a second term of two years.
Over the years John’s involvement with Hale goes from strength to strength. He joined the Board of Governors in 2015 and continues to be a valuable member of the Board today.
He has also contributed generously to appeals conducted by Old Boys and has been a Board Member of the Hale Foundation since 2016.
John is part of a family with strong ties to the School spanning more than fifty years. It is evident John holds Hale School close to his heart and has a strong belief in promoting the generational commitment to Hale School by families. He was instrumental in getting the policy off the ground of a guaranteed placement for sons of Old Haleians.

There is no doubt both Grant and John bleed blue and have gone above and beyond in their commitment to Hale School and the Association. Their names will be added to the OHA Honour Board acknowledging this achievement.
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