Sixty Five Years on . . .

Sixty Five Years on . . .

The stories get bigger and better as the years go by . . . and after 65 years there’s some pretty good ones.

Members of the Class of ’53 had great delight in sharing their memories of school days back at Havelock Street with some of our present-day prefects. “Those Old Boys do like to chat, don’t they!” one of the Year 12 boys was heard to say following the event.

Ethan Yap, Co-Captain of the Middle School and Charlie Simmonds, a Councillor and part of the Middle School Leadership group gave an entertaining account of life at Hale School in 2018 – and even though it is quite different to way back in 1953, the Old Boys in attendance could recognise some of the exact same feelings and situations that they experienced all those years ago.
Once the boys left, the ’53 class group settled back to enjoy one another’s company, a quiet drink – and the dessert, which looked like it had come straight from the set of Master Chef!
A great time was had by all and a firm agreement was made to do it all again on the second Tuesday in June, 2020.

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