Young Haleians take out LEGO Masters Title for 2020

Young Haleians take out LEGO Masters Title for 2020

Jackson Harvey (2007) and Alex Towler (2007) competed against seven other teams in Season 2 of Australian LEGO Masters to win the title.

The LEGO Masters series pits eight teams of two who work to overcome a variety of different challenges, focusing primarily on three criteria; storytelling ability, technical abilities and overall aesthetic. Outside of this criteria, the contestants have free rein on what tasks they wish to undertake for the challenges.

A solid fan-favourite duo during the entire season, Jackson and Alex took home a cash prize of $100,000 and a trophy completely made of LEGO.
Best friends Alex and Jackson couldn’t contain their excitement. Picture: Channel 9.

Friends since school days in Havelock House, they have always had a shared passion for building LEGO and were rewarded for their attention to detail and creative flair.

The grand finale winning build took an amazing 28 hours which ended in them taking out the crown with their incredibly detailed Mad Scientist's Frankenstein-inspired creation. An impressive purple gothic mansion perched atop a hill, with a Frankenstein-esque robot monster smashing down the mountain terrorising the town below.
Alex and Jackson's awe-inspiring creation was complete with a moving "Frankenstein" mini fig. Picture: Channel 9.

A fantastic effort - well done Jackson and Alex!

Image Source: Channel Nine
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