Order of Australia Recipients

Order of Australia Recipients
Below is a list of Notable Old Haleians who have been recognised in either the Australia Day or Queen's Birthday Honours Lists over the years. If there are any other Old Haleians you believe should be included, please contact our Alumni Manager, Helen Plange, on (08) 9347 0169 or by email at oldhale@hale.wa.edu.au


EDMOND (TED) ADLER (1937-45)
Awarded an OAM in the 2020 Queens birthday Honours List for service to dentistry, and to professional organisations. Dr Adler is known as a pre-eminent oral surgeon and for his role as one of the pioneers in introducing titanium dental implants to Australia.



Appointed an Officer (AO) of the Order of Australia in the 2019 Australia Day Honours List for distinguished service to the business and financial sectors, to the legal profession, and to the community. Until recently, John was based in London as the Western Australian Agent General of the Government of Western Australia. He was WA managing partner of national law firm Freehills (now Herbert Smith Freehills) before becoming a company director. John has also served on multiple boards over the years including, the Lions Eye Institute, Foodbank, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Lotterywest. John was the founding director and inaugural chair for the Committee for Perth. John’s latest role is Chairman of Anglicare WA.


Appointed an Officer (AO) of the Order of Australia in the 2019 Australia Day Honours List for distinguished service to parliament and politics at the state and national level, and as Federal Director of the Liberal Party of Australia. Mr Nutt has more than 35 years’ experience advising both Federal and State government, including more than ten years’ service as a Principal Adviser to former Prime Minister, the Hon John Howard OM AC and Chief of Staff to the former Attorney-General, the Hon Daryl Williams AM QC. He was also Federal and State Director of the Liberal Party of Australia, Director-General (Cabinet) and Principal Adviser to the former Premier of Victoria, the Hon Ted Baillieu.



Appointed as a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia in the 2018 Australia Day Honours List for significant service to the community of Western Australia through forestry and bushfire management, and as an historian and writer.

SYD KIRKBY MBE (1944-50)

Awarded an AO for distinguished service to surveying, particularly in the Antarctic, to polar exploration, research and mapping expeditions and to professional scientific societies. Mr Kirkby has personally surveyed more Antarctic territory than any other explorer.  The ‘hardest and longest’ climb of Mr Kirkby's career was on Leckie Range in early 1965. Several Antarctic features bear his name; Mount Kirkby, Kirkby Glacier, Kirkby Shoal and Kirkby Head. Kirkby also received the Polar Medal in 1957.


Awarded an OAM, for 25 years of service in legal and rehabilitation medicine. As a Clinical Professor, Mr Rosenthal has left his mark on the WA Community, including as a Board member of the Perth Zoological Gardens from 1984 to 1988 and as founding chairman of the Great Zoo Appeal Committee, which contributed to building the African savannah at Perth Zoo.


Awarded an OAM for service to the preservation of military history.



Awarded an AO, for distinguished service to the mining sector, the development of employment and business opportunities, a supporter of sustainable foreign investment, and philanthropy. Mr Forrest unveiled the Forrest Library plaque commemorating the official naming on behalf of the members who have attended and supported Hale since the 1850s.

IAN KELLY (1956-60)

Awarded an OAM for Service to the community of Western Australia as a Member of Lions Clubs International.  Since 1973 Mr Kelly has been heavily involved in supporting community projects and the administration of the organisation being elected as District Governor in 1992/93 and Council Chairman of Australia in 1993/94. Mr Kelly was awarded the The International Association of Lions Clubs Ambassador of Goodwill in 2016, the highest honour granted by the Association of Lions Clubs to its Members.


RUPERT WOODS (1977-81)

Awarded an AM, for significant services to veterinary science and to the management of wildlife health and welfare. Mr Woods has supported the WHA Management Committee and a diversity of stakeholders in their efforts to further develop Australia’s animal health system and to improve Australia’s overall protection of its natural environment.


Awarded an AM, for significant service to business in WA through leadership and executive roles with a range of organisations and to the community. During Mr Cohen's 48 uninterrupted years as a Director of a large number of listed companies he has served as Chairman and as a member of a very wide range of Board committees and has had vast experience in dealings with the full range of outside providers of professional services.  He has been involved in mergers, acquisitions, a large IPO and a number of rights issues and placements. 


Awarded an OAM, for service to the military, including the ex-Prisoner of War movement, community service including his encouragement and mentoring of youth and for his success in business. During his war service, Gordon Roberts was renowned for his “mateship”, resourcefulness and his compassion for his fellow prisoners.


DICK VINCENT (1937-41)

Awarded an AO, for distinguished service to the beef cattle industry through the introduction of Simmental cattle to Australia, the National Beef Recording System in Australia, Computer Aided Marketing of Livestock to Western Australia and the development of the Australian Registered Cattle Breeders' Association. Mr Vincent is also renowned for thoroughbred horse breeding and racing.

GREG PARAMOR (1966-67)

Awarded an AO, for distinguished service to the community through various executive roles including breast cancer research, sport and the not-for-profit sector and to more than 40 years in real estate and property investment industries. Mr Paramor was the cofounder of Equity Real Estate Partners, Growth Equities Mutual, Paladin Australia, the James Fielding Group and many other entities.


Awarded an AM for exceptional service as Commander, Special Operations Command; Colonel, Plans Headquarters Forces Command and Deputy Commander, International Security Assistance Force Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan. Mr McDaniel entered the Royal Military College, Duntroon in 1988. He graduated into the Royal Australian Infantry Corps in 1989 and served initially in the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. He then assumed command of the Special Air Service Regiment from 2007 to 2008.


HENDY COWAN (1954-59)

Awarded an AO for distinguished service to the Parliament of Western Australia for more than 28 years, to tertiary education, agriculture and regional development and through significant contributions to cancer control organisations. Mr Hendy has previously led the National Party of Western Australia and was the Deputy Premier of WA. His Ministerial portfolios included Commerce and Trade, Regional Development and Small Business.

CARL VINE (1962-66) 

Awarded an AO for distinguished service to the performing arts as a composer, conductor, academic and artistic director, and to the support and mentoring of emerging performers. Mr Vine's works include seven symphonies, eleven concertos, music for film, television and theatre, electronic music and numerous chamber works.


Awarded an AM for significant service to education, particularly in the fields of politics and civics. Mr Phillips has been a political analyst, author and commentator for the past 50 years. He is an adjunct professor at Curtin University and an honorary professor at Edith Cowan University and is involved in setting the politics and civics curriculum in schools.


Awarded an AM for significant service to youth through a range of child protection roles, and to experience and expertise in medicine. Mr Winterton has devoted years of his life to enhancing the protection of children and was a member of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Child Protection from 1999 to 2008.


Awarded an OAM for service to Australian rules football in Western Australia. Mr Donaldson led University teams to seven consecutive grand finals, winning premierships in 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974 and 1976.  His efforts continued to be recognised as he was awarded an Australian Sports Medal from the Australian Government and added to the WAAFL Hall of Champions.


PAUL DAVEY (1983-87)

Awarded an OAM for Service to Veterinary Science, leading the association and the profession in Western Australia through his role as President of the WA Division of the AVA. Mr Davey has emphasised the need for personal support for veterinarians in their working lives. His dedication to mentoring new graduates and promoting suicide prevention has touched the lives of many veterinarians.

ROB BREEDEN (1942-44)

Awarded an OAM for service to conservation and the environment, and to the community. Over the years Mr Breeden developed specialist knowledge of local fauna and flora, establishing the Busselton Naturalists Club. He was made a life member for his services to the environment and was also awarded the Sir David Brand award in the category of Environment, Heritage and Culture.


Awarded an AO for distinguished service to business through executive roles and through the promotion of corporate sponsorship of the arts and indigenous programs, and to the community. Mr Goyder is the current chairman of the AFL Commission, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Commerce by the University of Western Australia and was the CEO and Managing Director of Wesfarmers from 2005 to 2017.


ROSS ROGERS (1934-40)

Awarded an OAM for service to the community of the Kalgoorlie region. Mr Rogers was a passionate advocate for tourism, heritage, arts and culture in Kalgoorlie. He was a Life Member at the Kalgoorlie Chamber of Commerce, co- founder of Goldfields Medical Fund and founder of the Goldfields Travel Association, making many and ongoing contributions to the quality of life in Kalgoorlie.

BILL SHAW (1955-59)

Awarded an OAM for service to music through the Adelaide Male Voice Choir. Mr Shaw is the current conductor of the Adelaide Male Voice Choir comprising 40 voices including 7 first tenors, 8 second tenors, 14 baritones and 11 basses. Mr Shaw has gradually expanded the choir’s repertoire and performance opportunities.

LYN OLIVER (1954-58)

Awarded an AM for service to medical physics in the field of radiation oncology, and through executive roles with the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine, and to professional associations. Mr Oliver played a significant role in assisting the establishment of the postgraduate coursework Master of Medical Physics program in the School of Physics from 2004.

BRIAN GREIG (1979-83)

Awarded an OAM for service to the community as a social justice advocate for the gay and lesbian community.

GREG LUPTON - Past Staff Member

Awarded an OAM for service to the community through a range of sporting, aged care and education organisations.


Awarded an AM for service to medical education, particularly to rural and clinical practice, as an academic and administrator, and to professional organisations. In 2016 Mr Riley was awarded the Lifetime Rural Health West Doctors service awards from his dedication to serving his patients and his profession.

BOB DEVENISH (1952-59)

Awarded OAM for service to inmates and their families as a chaplain, and to the community. Mr Devenish was renowned for his acceptance of all cultures, and the guidance and kindness he provided to all that crossed paths with him. In 2013 Mr Devenish was award the Bishop Hale Medal.


Awarded an OAM for service to the community through aged accommodation and care facilities and programs. Mr Fitzgerald was the co-founder, owner and chairman of St Ives Group in WA, and was part of the original retirement committee formed out of the HIA in Perth in 1981. He was instrumental in implementing the Pilot for Care Packages into retirement villages within his state.
JOHN STACEY (1956-62)

Awarded an OAM for service to local government, and to the community of Coorow.

HUGH EDWARDS (1943-44)

Awarded an OAM for service to Australia's maritime heritage through the discovery of historic shipwrecks, and as an author.


DAVID GRAY (1954-62)

Awarded an AM for service to commerce and industry through leadership roles in peak organisations representing the business sector, and to the performing arts in Western Australia.

KEN COURT (1957-61)

Awarded an AM for service to business and commerce, particularly the development and promotion of international trade relations, to the manufacturing sector, and through executive roles with industry organisations.


Awarded an AM for service to business, particularly in the primary industry sector through the promotion and development of commercial opportunities for farmers, and to the arts.  Mr Bennison was instrumental in spreading Wesfarmers’ commercial horizons successfully into meat processing, production of fertilizer, distribution of gas and general retailing.



Awarded an OAM for service to the community through a range of educational, church, service and sporting organisations. Mr Beech has served on the boards of many schools, sporting and social welfare organisations and presently serves as Treasurer to the St George’s College Board and St Matthew’s Church Refugee Support Group.

Awarded an OAM for service to sailing through a range of yachting organisations, to the preservation of military history, and to the real estate industry. Mr Campbell’s involvement with the Royal Australian Artillery Association saw the restoration of many important historical artillery pieces and the establishment of the Farrawa Cup, a series of offshore races conducted by Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

JOHN GARLAND (1945-50)

Awarded an AM for service to the real estate industry through a range of executive roles with professional organisations, to the development of international relationships with property sector representatives, and to the community of Perth. Mr Garland specialised in the Asia-Pacific area and in recognition of his contribution he is one of the very few Australians to receive the FIABCI Medal of Honour.

TONY HOUSE (1945-51)
Awarded an AM for service to medicine, particularly in the fields of liver and kidney transplantations, to rural and remote health, and to education. Mr House has served as Chairman and Committee member for the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, the Faculty of Medicine, the Australian Medical Association and various metropolitan teaching hospitals.


Awarded an OAM for service to the dairy industry, particularly through policy contributions to national dairy and agricultural organisations and as an advocate for dairy farmers.



Awarded an OAM for service to the livestock industry in Western Australia, to the Anglican Church, and to the community of Dandaragan through sporting, conservation and health organisations. Mr Roberts had a great love of the land and contributed to the community across a broad sphere of interests - including rural development, Apex, the Anglican Church, school leadership, sporting, conservation and heritage, health and charity.


Awarded an OAM for service to primary industry, particularly through the Western Australian Farmers Federation and the Country Regional Councils Association, and to the community of the Lakes District.

ROLLY TASKER (1936-42)
Awarded an AM for service to sailing as a sail maker, yacht designer and builder, as a competitive yachtsman, and to maritime related cultural institutions. Mr Tasker won Australia’s first Olympic sailing medal and first sailing world championship. He was a highly regarded and successful ocean racer who built one of the world’s most successful marine businesses, incorporating sailmaking, spars and rigging, rope, tool and die making and marine hardware. He was inducted into the Australia’s Sports Hall of Fame in honour of his sailing achievements and named as Western Australia’s Best Ever Yachtsman.



Awarded an AM for service to business and commerce, and to the community particularly through health care in Western Australia. Among a long list of involvement spanning his life, Mr Chrystal spent 13 years as a volunteer with APEX and 14 years with Rotary, served on the Board of HBF for 15 years (of which he was Chairman for six) and served on the board of Silver Chain for over 20 years.

DAVID IRVINE (1956-64)

Awarded an AO for service to furthering Australian international interests and the development of trade links, particularly in negotiating a bilateral agreement with China for the supply of energy. Mr Irvine has a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Arts, an Honorary Doctorate of Letters and an Honorary Doctorate of Science and has published two books on Indonesian culture.


Awarded an OAM for service through the provision of immediate medical assistance to victims of the bombings which occurred in Bali on 12 October 2002. Mr Hodby worked 18 hours straight at the main Bali hospital, treating victims and supervising untrained volunteers until the arrival of Australian military personnel.

MARK HICKMAN (1985-87)

Awarded an OAM for service to sport as a Gold Medallist at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Mark Hickman won a gold medal for Australia in men’s hockey in 2004. In winning gold, the Kookaburras finally ended Australia’s men’s hockey hoodoo at the Olympics. Since first competing in men’s hockey at the Games in 1956, Australia had won three silver medals, three bronze medals and been placed fourth twice. But the team’s fortunes changed in Athens. In the semi-final, the Kookaburras beat Spain 6-3 to reach the final, where it faced two-time defending champion, the Netherlands. With scores tied 1-1 at the end of regulation time, a goal by Jamie Dwyer in the eighth minute of extra time secured the famous victory.


JOHN FAWCETT (1946-48)

Awarded an AM for service to the community and to international relations over many years through humanitarian projects to improve health and living standards for people in Bali. In recognition of his service, Mr Fawcett has also received the Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary International Award), John Curtin University Medal, Satyalancana Kebaktian Sosial (National Indonesian Award) and the Bishop Hale Medal.

Awarded an OAM for service to veterans through the Western Australian Division of the Royal Australian Air Force Association, and to the community.


Awarded an AM for service to senior secondary education in the Australian Capital Territory through the development and maintenance of system wide policy and standards in relation to curriculum, assessment and moderation. Mr Cornish’s major research fields embraced the development and application of macroeconomics in the 20th century, and biographical studies of economists.

Awarded an OAM for service to local government and to the community of Murchison.

Awarded an AM for service to the Australian grain industry through a range of industry organisations, particularly the Grain Pool of Western Australia, and through international promotion and marketing activities.


Awarded an OAM for service to the development of Perth as an architect, particularly through civic design and administration, and to the community. Mr Ednie-Brown is a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, a Member of Resolution Institute, and an Affiliate Member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.


Awarded an AC for service to the Western Australian Parliament and to the community, particularly the indigenous community, and in the areas of child health research and cultural heritage and to economic development through negotiating major resource projects including the export of gas to China, furthering the interests of the nation as a whole. Mr Court was the Premier of Western Australia from 1993 to 2001 and appointed as the Australian Ambassador to Japan in 2017.

BRYAN RADDEN (1946-48)

Awarded an AM for service to the academic and professional development of pathology, particularly in the field of maxillofacial and oral pathology.



Awarded an OAM for service to the water industry, particularly through the Australian Water Association, and to tennis.

Awarded an OAM for service to people with disabilities in Western Australia through the Volunteer Fisheries Liaison Officer programme. Mr Thomas developed ‘Fishability’, a not for profit association that delivers programs and activities designed to increase the active involvement of people with disabilities into recreational fishing.


Awarded an AO for service to the judiciary and to the law, to education, particularly in the area of university administration, and to the community. Mr Nicholson served as a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia and was a recipient of the Centenary Medal. Since 2008 Mr Nicholson has taught at the University of Melbourne Law School.

JOHN COX (1945-46)

Awarded an OAM for service to the community of Bassendean, particularly through local government.

NOEL BARTON (1962-65)
Awarded an AM for service to the mathematical sciences, particularly as a researcher, and by fostering links between Australian industry and the mathematics community. Mr Barton has a PhD in applied mathematics and an honorary doctorate from Queensland University of Technology. He is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of Australian Mathematical Society and Ambassador of Business Events Sydney.



Awarded an OAM for service to children with hearing disabilities through the establishment of the Speech and Hearing Centre for Children (WA) Inc at Glendalough.

JOHN NORMAN (1941-49)
Awarded an AO for service to dentistry and medicine as a maxillofacial surgeon, and to education.

TODD PEARSON (1989-94)
Awarded an OAM for service to sport as a gold medallist at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Mr Pearson and his team set the world record in beating the United States in that event for the first time in Olympic history. He also, despite swimming more than 50 kilometres a week training and competing, found time to complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and works for a multinational accounting firm.


BILL HASSELL (1951-60)

Awarded an AM for service to the Western Australian Parliament, to the promotion of business and commerce, and to the community, particularly through Anglicare. Mr Hassell’s work has been recognised by the award of several other honours including the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is a life member of the Liberal Party and was formerly Western Australian Agent General in Britain and Europe.

Awarded an AM for service to the law and to public administration as Crown Solicitor for Western Australia.

Awarded an AM for service to rowing as a competitor, manager, coach, referee and administrator.


MILES CLARKE (1931-36)
Awarded an AM for service to the community, particularly through St John Ambulance.


TERRY HOGAN (1952-56)

Awarded an OAM for service to the community, through the Anglican Church Perth diocesan trustees, the Anglican Deposit Fund board, and the Anglican Homes Inc. board. Mr Hogan was engaged in the stockbroking industry for over 45 years and was the founder and former Director of Hogan and Partners stockbrokers as well as past chairman and director of various public companies and Anglican agencies. 

DON WATTS (1946-50)

Awarded an AM for service to the advancement of science in the field of chemistry, to tertiary education, and to policy development in education. Mr Watts was a significant figure in Australian education, with many of his ideas shaping the policies of the Federal Government at the time. A notable achievement was his role in the abolishment of the ‘binary’ system of education in Australia. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Technology at Curtin in 1988.

MICHAEL McCALL (1946-51)

Awarded an AM for service to industry and to the community, particularly through the provision and development of health care in Western Australia. Dr McCall’s medical contributions include initiating clinical epidemiology at UWA in 1965, and in the same year was a Foundation Member of the ground breaking and continuing Busselton Population Studies Group, serving as Chairman in the early 1970s. Dr McCall wrote more than 60 research papers on a host of issues including heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer, preventative medicine, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure.


LEN FLETCHER (1938-40)
Awarded an AM in recognition of service to health administration.



Awarded an AM in recognition of service to business and industry as Managing Director of Wesfarmers and to the community. Mr Eastwood joined Wesfarmers in 1963 as a cadet engineer and was associated with the company for over 45 years. He was also a director of Qantas and West Australian Newspapers.



Awarded an AO in recognition of service to education and to Australian literary studies. Mr Bennett was one of the most respected and admired scholars and teachers in Australian literary studies. He was one of the founding directors of the Centre for Studies in Australian Literature, wrote numerous books and articles and was a visiting professor at universities across the world, in which he won many honours and awards.


Awarded an AM for service to the community, particularly to youth and in the area of stroke research.


ROB HYDE (1948-52)

Awarded an OAM for service to the community and to local government.


Awarded an AM for Public Service

TONY BRAND (1942-48)

Awarded an AM in recognition of service to architecture, particularly in the field of planning.


Awarded an OAM for service to Migrants. Mr Rebikoff was a Community Leader for decades, as Secretary and President of the Ethnic Communities Council of the ACT, Chairman and Hon President of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, and Senior Multicultural Adviser in the ACT Government. He has also received a Diploma of Appreciation from the Polish Strzelecki Foundation for service to multiculturalism.

BRIAN LOTON (1941-46)
Awarded an AC for service to industry. Mr Loton was President of the Victorian Scouts Association from 1997 to 1999, has been a member of a host of professional and fundraising organisations, and has won a number of business, mining and metallurgy awards in Australia and overseas. He has an honorary doctorate from Monash University.



Awarded an AM in recognition of service to industry, particularly in the field of industrial chemistry. In 1992 Mr Becher was a ‘Clunies Ross Award’ Recipient for his work at ATSE and his unique contribution to the Australian minerals industry by inventing, developing and introducing a process which converts ilmenite, a constituent of mineral sands, to synthetic rutile, the feedstock for the production of pure white titanium dioxide.


BRUCE ROSIER (1941-44)

Awarded an AM for service to religion and to the Anglican Diocese of Willochra, South Australia. 

Bruce had been Dux of School in 1944 and became Hale School’s eighth Rhodes Scholar when he went to Christchurch College in 1950. He was appointed as Bishop of Willochra in South Australia and held the post for seventeen years between 1970 and 1987.


Awarded an OAM for service to podiatry.

BOB GODFREY (1929-39)
Awarded an AM for service to medicine particularly in the field of paediatrics.


JOHN LONGLEY (1953-63)

Awarded an AM for service to yachting, particularly as project manager and as a crew member of Australia II in the successful America's Cup Challenge 1983. The 1983 America’s Cup victory put Western Australia on the world stage and accelerated the rejuvenation of Fremantle. Mr Longley was a part of Western Australia’s successful bid to host the 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships in Perth. He has more than 30 years’ experience as an international sailor and a long list of corporate achievements.


Awarded an AM For Service to Australian Heritage and the Environment and Teaching. Mr McMillan served in the Desert Air Force and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. A brilliant observer of insects with a general interest in natural history, he received the Zoo Le Souef Award from the Entomological Society of Victoria in recognition of his contribution to amateur entomology in Australia.  He won awards for photography in competitions by the Western Australian Naturalists Club, and also published a number of articles on insects in The Western Australian Naturalist. Mr McMillan has a large academic portfolio to add to his successful career.

MERVYN PARRY (1934-41)
Awarded an AO for service to architecture.


Awarded an OAM in recognition of service to surf life-saving. Mr Becher was also awarded a Life Membership at the Surf Life Saving WA Awards of Excellence for his outstanding commitment, leadership and passion for the surf club and surf living movement overall.



Awarded The Order of the British Empire – Officer (Civil) (Imperial) (OBE) – for service to the community.



Awarded an AM in recognition of service to the Royal Life Saving Society of WA. Mr Anderson was State President of the Society from 1970 until 1985. As well as being State President, he was Western Australia’s representative on the Australian Council and in 1979 was appointed National Deputy President, an honour for the whole State. He contributed an enormous amount to the Society as a competitive lifesaver, its legal advisor and as President.

KEN TREGONNING (1936-41) - Imperial Honours

Awarded an MBE for service to education. Mr Tregonning was awarded a Gowrie Scholarship to Oxford University before completing a PhD at the National University of Singapore. He then enlisted in the RAAF gaining his wings and serving three years in England as a bomber squadron pilot before returning to Perth and being appointed as Headmaster at Hale School until 1998. Mr Tregonning believed love, trust, leadership and service for others was a key component of quality education.


Awarded an AO for service to the RAAF.


Awarded an AO for distinguished service of a high degree in the field of medical research. Professor Kakulas was at the forefront of muscular dystrophy research for many years and established the world’s first carrier detection and genetic counselling program that lowered the incidence of new MD cases in Western Australia by more than half.