Application Form


Application Form

Complete the Application Form and send to the OHA Office: or Young Haleians, Hale School, Hale Road, WEMBLEY DOWNS 6019


All applications will remain confidential and any publication of eligible requests will not identify the applicant unless authorised by the applicant. By applying or making a request the applicant gives authority to the Manager of the Association and the ‘Lending a Hand’ sub-committee of the Association to identify the applicant to any Old Boy volunteers who have identified themselves as candidates to provide assistance.

If an eligible request is made, the Association will publicise the request as quickly as possible to all Old Boys who are contactable electronically and, if timing permits, in the next hard copy communication of the Association.

Old Boys will be encouraged to provide the assistance requested. The Association will then coordinate contact between the applicant and any Old Boy volunteer. All further contact then occurs directly between the applicant and the volunteer. The provision of assistance is discussed and agreed by the applicant directly with the volunteer, without the involvement of the Association.


The scheme is a general advertising and referral service only. The Association and its officers do not:
  •   select, interview or otherwise assess the suitability of Old Boys who offer assistance;
  •   employ, engage or train Old Boys who offer assistance;
  •   control, supervise or coordinate assistance given;
  •   arrange insurance for Old Boys giving assistance; or
  •   nspect or assess the suitability of premises at which assistance may be provided,

The Association and its officers cannot and do not make any representation or give any warranty in relation to the availability of assistance, the suitability or quality of assistance or the risks of giving or accepting assistance under the scheme.

Applicants and Old Boys should, before deciding to provide or accept assistance, consider whether the assistance is suitable and appropriate for their individual circumstances and requirements.