Making A Difference

Hale School's Service Learning Programme offers students from Year 9 through to Year 12 opportunities to be involved in volunteer work in the local community as well as overseas. All these programmes are exciting, challenging and very rewarding for those students fortunate enough to participate in them.

But it doesn't have to stop there. . .

The experiences gained are often life changing and many students are keen to continue their commitment to volunteer work. Featured below are just some examples of how Old Haleians are helping to 'make a difference' in different parts of the world.If you have participated in voluntary work within Australia or overseas we would appreciate details of your work so we can feature it here - for the benefit of other people. 

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Volunteer Work

The Mandalay Projects

Ian Love (1975-80) did not have the benefit of a service learning programme when he was at school – but that has not stopped him!

Having spent 16 years living and working in Asia, Ian is very aware of the vulnerability of unprotected children. Every year an estimated 1.8 million children are trafficked into slave labour, armed conflict, prostitution and pornography.

Ian’s idea of a small way in which he could make a difference has led to the formation of the Mandalay Projects which is currently working with eight different orphanages in Burma.

If you would like more information on how you can become involved – visit or contact Ian at


Alex Anderson (2000-04) started his service learning journey at School with his involvement with Sony Camp. He went on to UWA and joined Uni Camp For Kids – Perth’s oldest registered children’s charity. He’s been involved in one way or another ever since and he would encourage everyone to give it a go!

More information about how UCFK can be found on their website -


The Indigenous Communities Education Appeal is a not-for-profit youth-run charity which aims to empower indigenous youth and encourages greater cultural understanding.Programmes have been running in remote WA since 2007 – promoting education with emphasis on increasing student attendance rates.

If you think you can help - Contact Will Clapin (2002-06) or visit the website -

Novels for Nepal

Two Old Haleians from the Class of 2007 have been instrumental in forming a registered non-for-profit organisation called ‘Novels for Nepal’. Their aim: to raise $15,000 to build and stock a library in the Maha Budda Secondary School in a remote village in north-west Nepal. Yalbang Village has little access to even basic services such as healthcare and sanitation but they are fortunate enough to have a good school, run by motivated teachers who are helping the rural children out of the rut of poverty.

Danish Khan (2004-07) and Hong Rui Lee (2002-07) have taken on the roles of Sponsorship Officer and Finance respectively. Together with the rest of their group, they hope to prove that small amounts of money from large numbers of people – can make a difference.

For more information, contact Danish Khan or visit the website -


The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) is a humanitarian not-for-profit organisation, founded by Old Haleian John Fawcett AM (1946-48) based in Bali, focussed on minimising blindness in Indonesia.

Since its inception, many senior medical professionals have volunteered with JFF, providing free, sight-restoring treatment to hundreds of thousands of Indonesians. Yet, rates of blindness in Indonesia remain amongst the highest worldwide.

This begs the question, what if younger volunteers have more of a role to play?

JFF CREATE is a new volunteering initiative that aims to build on John Fawcett’s legacy by encouraging younger volunteers to make a difference in the world of ophthalmology through Charity, Research, Exchange, Awareness-building, Tutelage and Empowerment.

Founder, Qiang Li (2010-15) is one of two Australian junior doctors participating in the 'Inaugural 2024 JFF CREATE' (the other being co-founder, Dr Elaine Ong).  They will both raise money for Charity, engage in Research and perform an Exchange during which they will spend two weeks in Indonesia, volunteering with local eye clinics (two Indonesian counterparts will also come to Australia). Ultimately, thier hope is for JFF CREATE to build Awareness of the immense burden of ophthalmic disease worldwide, and provide Tutelage and Empowerment to the next generation of ophthalmologists to continue to combat the challenges of global health throughout the rest of their careers.

If you would like to support the Inaugural 2024 JFF CREATE and thus help restore sight to the vulnerable, please donate now and after you've donated, spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues!

- $50 is enough for 5 pairs of glasses, which could mean the difference between seeing or not seeing the whiteboard for 5 Indonesian schoolkids!
- $65 is enough to fund a life-changing and blindness-reversing cataract surgery, lifting a huge burden off the patient and their carers and loved ones!
- $100 is enough to fund a prosthetic eye, and permanently restore confidence and self-esteem to a young child or adult!

Any support will truly be appreciated and will go a long way toward empowering young volunteers to make a difference in the global fight against blindness!