Scholarship and Bursaries

The Old Haleians' Association (Inc.) Scholarship Trust

In 2013, assisted by funds contributed by the Old Haleians’ Association and donations from members of the Hale community, the Association formalised the introduction of The Old Haleians’ Association (Inc.) Scholarship Trust, with the intention of broadening its support of families who send their boys to the School.

Many Old Boys of all ages have also made donations to the Trust’s funds understanding that the purpose of the Trust is to support boys joining or continuing their education at Hale School. If you would like to consider a tax deductible donation to the Trust please contact our Alumni Manager, Helen Plange on +61 8 9347 0169 or by email:  

Bursaries, scholarships or prizes provided by the Trust are available for boys attending or wishing to attend Hale School.

Any donations made to the OHA Scholarship Trust are fully tax deductible.


Bursary Assistance

The Old Haleians’ Association has always played an important role in contributing to the aims and welfare of Hale School and its students. For many years, this positive support and involvement has included the Association funding a bursary scheme. Bursaries are dedicated to providing funding for boys who would enrich Hale School and our community by attending the school, but whose families due to unforseen circumstance, are not able to meet all associated costs.

All applications for, and the giving of, support are made on a confidential basis to the Headmaster and the Trustees of The Old Haleians’ Association (Inc.) Scholarship Trust.

Should you wish to make application for support from the Trust please contact Alumni Manager, Helen Plange for further information.

The Lister Drake Scholarship

The Lister Drake Scholarship is awarded to a student who is a direct decendent of an Old Haleian.

Applicants do not necessarily have to be currently attending Hale School. All eligible students are encouraged to apply.

This scholarship was established in 1995 with the assistance of funds bequeathed from the estate of former Deputy Headmaster, Mr Lister Drake. It is awarded to a Year 10 student for Years 11 and 12 and is to the value of 25% tuition fees. 

The awarding of the Lister Drake Scholarship will be determined by the completion of a 300 word essay, results of an academic examination and an interview. Boys will be shortlisted for an interview based on their application and the results of the examination. The interview panel will comprise: the Headmaster, the Chairman of the OHA Scholarship Committee (or his delegate), plus one other representative of the OHA. 

Should you have any queries regarding the Lister Drake Scholarship, please contact the Admissions Office on 9347 9701 or 9347 9733 or via email

Current Scholarship Holders

TOM HOLLIS - The Lister Drake Scholar for 2022 / 23

The Old Haleians’ Association committee is pleased to announce the recipient of the Lister Drake Scholarship awarded for 2022 and 2023 is Tom Hollis (Riley House). 

Tom commenced at Hale School as a Year 7 student in 2018.  His grandfather David Hodby (1950-58) and his uncles Joshua Hodby (1984-92) and Robert Hodby (1982-86) also attended Hale School.

Tom’s Head of House, Mr Ross Piggott supported his selection providing the following comments.
“Tom is an unwaveringly positive and enthusiastic young man. He is popular amongst his peers and throws himself into every House activity with an infectious joy. He is vocal in House sport, even as a Year 10 playing in the senior team with Year 11s and Year 12s. He is chatty, friendly and extremely genuine and I am confident he will be a great peer support leader next year.”

CHRISTOPHER MUTZIG - The Lister Drake Scholar for 2021 / 22

The 2021/2022 Lister Drake Scholarship has been awarded to Christopher Mutzig (Yr10 Tregonning), son of Andrew Mutzig who attended Hale between 1983 and 1987.

Christopher began Year 7 at Hale School in 2017 and quickly gained a reputation as a hardworking, committed and capable student. He received two academic awards in that year. As well as his ability in the classroom, Christopher has embraced the Hale lifestyle. He has remained committed to representing Hale school in the PSA competitions through is involvement in cricket, basketball, hockey and tennis and has also been a member of the swimming squad and the interschool athletics squad for each year since he began in Year 7.

Christopher also lives by the community values espoused by Hale School. He has been a willing participant every year since Year 7 in the Service Learning programme and has given of himself to help out at the Holy Rosary Siena Centre, he has assisted in Junior School Sport Training, he has been part of the Quintilian School Buddy System and has made sandwiches for the homeless.

Christopher has been heavily involved in the music programme and has been a part of no less than four separate bands and ensembles as well as being part of Redfoot Youth Theatre where he has been a cast member in 8 separate productions. Christopher won the Year 8 Drama Prize.

Debating has been another area of interest for Christopher. He has represented Tregonning House in the interhouse debating competition for the last 4 years. His house mates and myself hold him in high regard and he was chosen as his year group’s house representative last year and again in 2020.

Christopher sets high standards for himself and his peers and he is an asset to Tregonning house and also to Hale School.

JAMES KERR - The Lister Drake Scholar for 2020 / 21

The 2020/2021 Lister Drake Scholarship has been awarded to James Kerr (Yr10 Haynes), grandson of the late Jim Haynes who attended Hale between 1948 and 1952. When advised of Jame's success, Head of House, Mr Michael Cook added these words in support of the selection:

James commenced his time at Hale School as a Year 7 student, having briefly flirted with Scotch College before seeing the light! From the outset, James has been an exemplary student in all aspects of his education. He is a boy who is always positive and rarely without a smile, such is his outlook on life. His commitment to the Service Learning programme was on display as a Year 9 student when he helped the students at Quintilian. He is a keen sportsman and played cricket and soccer respectively for the 9A teams and has carried on that PSA competition commitment into Year 10. James is widely admired by his peers, teachers and coaches for the way he goes about his business in all settings. His modesty and integrity are his hallmarks and he is one of those people who is able to lift those around him. He leaves nothing in reserve in every pursuit he undertakes – whether it be cross country running, the Outdoor Education programme at Exmouth, interhouse sport, or supporting others around him.  

James is a very committed scholar and his academic profile is very impressive. His work ethic and independent approach define him, along with his enthusiasm and cooperative nature. The breadth of his interests and abilities means he will have a wide array of courses from which he can choose for 2020. As a school, we strive to have our young men take responsibility for their actions and their learning and James does this without fail. There is little fuss about James, as he just gets on with his busy life in a manner that sets a great example. We are fortunate to have him as part of Haynes House and Hale School and he has set a great foundation for making his mark on both in his final two years.

JAMES HILL - The Lister Drake Scholar for 2019 / 20

The 2019/2020 Lister Drake Scholarship has been awarded to James Hill (Yr10 Faulkner), grandson of Ted Young who attended Hale between 1961 and 1965.
James came to Hale School from Esperance in 2015 as a Year 7 boarder in Brine House and has made an outstanding contribution to both the School and the boarding community. He has made excellent academic progress and is looking forward to a rigorous programme of ATAR subjects in Year 11 and Year 12.
James is able to balance academic demands with full and varied co-curricular commitments. He is a passionate sportsman, enjoying rugby and athletics, in particular - and despite a serious knee injury in 2017, has continued to participate in PSA sport competing in the cross-country team in 2018.
James has been a consistent contributor to the School’s Service Learning Programme and has had a significant impact on Faulkner House activities. He is a mature and courteous young man, clearly respected and admired by both his peers and staff. He is personable and of exemplary character and sets himself very high standards in all that he undertakes.

These qualities contributed to him being chosen as one of three boys who will participate in the Term 4 South Africa Exchange, where he will attend Uplands College in White River. The independence and initiative James has developed during his time in boarding will hold him in good stead for the challenges which lay ahead in his senior years of school and beyond.

MATTHEW FOSTER - The Lister Drake Scholar for 2018 / 19

We are pleased to announce that this year's recipient of the Lister Drake Scholarship (awarded for use in 2018 and 2019) is Matthew Foster (Year 10 Riley), son of Mark Foster (1984-89). When advised of Matthew's success, Head of House, Mr Brett Will added these words in support of the selection:

Matthew is a very worthy recipient of the Lister Drake Scholarship for 2018-19. He is a mature, respectful and  dependable young man who possesses a strong sense of duty. His academic record is exemplary, testimony to his  commitment to excellence in all areas. He is highly respected across all year groups, in Riley House and the wider Hale School community. He has  maintained a high level of involvement in the co-curricular life of the School and is the Year 10 student  representative for Riley House. He represented the School in PSA hockey, cricket and Service Learning. He is also  heavily involved in the School’s music programme.

Matthew is held in high regard by his teachers and coaches. He is confident in his dealings with adults and is admired for  his authenticity. He excelled on the recent Outdoor Education programme at Exmouth where his outstanding  leadership qualities, and his ability to work effectively as part of a team, came to the fore.

Matthew clearly meets all the criteria for this scholarship and he can look forward to a very productive and  successful future in his senior years at Hale School.

JARRAD BURGES - The Lister Drake Scholar for 2017 / 18

Jarrad Burges is a worthy awardee of the 2017/18 Lister Drake Scholarship.
He is always keen to get involved in House activities, be it swimming, ultimate frisbee (summer house sport), football (winter house sport), house chess, house debating, cross country (15th), house singing. Furthermore, Jarrad is a great sprinter and is looking forward to representing Faulkner in the upcoming inter-house athletics carnival.
In terms of PSA sport he has represented Hale School in the 1st XVIII football team this winter season and will no doubt be keen to be part of the school’s interschool athletics team. He has also involved himself in interschool debating and mock trial.
He is a very dependable Year 10 in the house and a great role model for his peers because of his work ethic and his ‘have a go’ attitude. He is a friendly and affable young man.
Dan Vernon
FAULKNER: Head of House