Endeavour Award

Young Haleians’ Endeavour Award

The  Young  Haleians’  Endeavour  Award  is  a  unique  opportunity  for  a  member  of  the  Young  Haleian  community  to  be  nominated  (or  self-nominate)  for  an  award  that  provides  financial  support  up  to  the  value  of  five  thousand  dollars.  This  financial  support  is  designed  to  enable  Young  Haleians  to  pursue  their  future  goals  -  no  matter  their  field  of  pursuit.  

Every  Young  Haleian  has  the  opportunity  to  strive  towards  a  goal  with  purpose,  and  the  Young  Haleians’  Award  is  designed  to  provide  the  support  needed  to  do  so.  The  criteria  for  the  award  are  outlined  as  follows:  
  • To be awarded to a Young Haleian under the age of 30 who has established commitment towards and achieved (or is significantly advanced towards achieving) success in his chosen field of endeavour.    
  • He must be able to demonstrate noteworthy accomplishments within this field and have strategies in place to further progress towards a significant goal while reflecting the values of Hale School.    
If you would like to nominate a Young Haleian or yourself for the award, written applications can be submitted and will be judged by the YH sub-committee with awards being granted accordingly. All submissions are to be made by via the website and you have the option to remain completely anonymous in the process.    

Application Form

Complete the Application Form and send to the OHA Office: younghale@hale.wa.edu.au or Young Haleians, Hale School, Hale Road, WEMBLEY DOWNS 6019


Connor  threw  himself  into  his  studies  and  immersed  himself  in  all  that  Hale  had  to  offer  during  his  time  as  a  student.  He  gained  Symbols  for  music  (Choir  and  Ensemble),  Service  Learning,  Drama,  Football,  Athletics  and  Academic  achievement,  as  well  as  Colours  for  Academics  and  Colours  and  Honours  for  his  real  passion,  Drama.  Naturally  enough  it  was  Drama  that  captured  his  full  attention  and  Connor  took  himself  off  to  New  York,  straight  from  school,  to  begin  full-time  study.  At  the  end  of  his  first  two  years,  Connor  was  one  of  just  16  young  actors  from  around  the  world  to  be  invited  to  join  the  2016/17  Academy  Company.  His  commitment  at  the  Academy  during  this  time  was  rewarded  with  a  US  $20,000  scholarship.  He  was  still  left  way  short  of  the  actual  cost  of  his  year’s  fees,  however,  as  his  visa  status  did  not  allow  him  to  work  outside  the  Academy.  It  was  at  this  point  that  Connor  approached  the  OHA  for  assistance.  Part  of  his  proposal  said, I would  like  to  think  that  my  achievements  in  the  US  to  date  match  that  of  mine  back  home  in  Australia. The  OHA  agreed  that  they  absolutely  did  and  was  delighted  to  be  in  a  position  to  offer  some  assistance.  All  of  this  was  happening  in  tandem  with  the  development  of  the  Young  Haleians’  group  and  the  OHA  supported  Connor  knowing  that  he  would  qualify  for  the  Endeavour  Award.  

 He  strongly believes that making one’s own work is the key to success: a value taught to him at Hale and one that has stood him in good stead so far in his career.

"The  support  Hale  and  the  OHA  have  provided  me  has  allowed  me  to  really  focus  on  this  dream  and  bring  it  closer  –  within  reach.  I’m  seeing  the  results,  but  I  am  determined  to  go  further  and  reach  as  high  as  possible.  I’m  meeting  and  working  with  amazing  people  and  that  is  all  I  can  really  ask  for  right  now.  It’s  an  extraordinary  time!" 

2018 WINNER: CHRIS HEWITT (2009-2013) 

The  Young  Haleians’  Endeavour  Award  recognises Chris' outstanding accomplishments, future ambitions and endeavours in his field, being Aerospace Engineering.

Chris commenced studies at UWA moving to Melbourne to complete his Masters’ in Aerospace engineering at RMIT. He achieved a GPA of 3.9 (out of 4.0) and was the elected Student Representative for the Masters’ program. He was also awarded the 2018 Boeing Industry Scholarship. His Masters’ Thesis in rocket nozzle efficiency was recently accepted into the Australian International Aerospace Congress to be published and presented at their annual conference in 2019.
The funds will contribute to software engineering courses separate to his degree, further develop his skills and CV and in addition assist partially with relocation costs to Melbourne and overseas if opportunities arise.

Chris was well liked at Hale, making the most of the opportunity the school provides, he embodies the criteria of the award as well as Hale's values and we are very excited to follow his progress going forward.

                           Chris Hewitt (L) pictured with Matt Haddon (R)

"I am incredibly honoured to be receiving the Endeavour Award this year. I fully intend to make the most of the award and am excited for the opportunities this opens up for me.  I want to extend my thanks to the Old Haleians Committee as well as Hale School for providing me with the resources and the environment to get to where I am today. I am so proud to be recognised by the school I was lucky enough to grow up with."

2019 WINNER: HAMISH HENRIQUES (2010-2018) 

The  Young  Haleians’  Endeavour  Award  recognises Hamish's outstanding accomplishments, future ambitions and endeavours in his field, being competitive rowing.

Hamish developed his love for rowing after starting the sport in Year 8 at Hale School.  Understanding just how competitive the sport is fuelled Hamish to learn everything he could to be a better athlete and rower. Resilience, determination and perseverance saw him improve physically and technically each year to become the world champion he is today.

His list of accomplishments and awards over the past three years is long, including winning multiple national titles. In 2018 Hamish became the second person at Hale to receive rowing Honours and was awarded a scholarship by the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS).  He continues to train with the WAIS rowing programme.

The funds will contribute towards assisting Hamish with the cost of the seat fee each year at the World Championships.

Hamish's goal is to win in the coxless pair and the single scull at the National Championships. This will hold him in good stead to make the Under 23 Australian team where he will be able to go to represent Australia in Bled, Slovenia. His ultimate goal is to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

“Receiving the Young Haleians’ Endeavour Award will be a huge financial assistance and will allow me to concentrate on excelling and pushing my boundaries on the world stage.

I believe rowing epitomises the core values of Hale –  Excellence, Resilience, Integrity, Courage, Creativity and Service – and that to be the best in the world, I need to wholeheartedly embrace these values.” 

Kim O'Brien (L) YH Chair presenting Hamish Henriques (R) with his Endeavour Award

2020 WINNER: MATTHEW McALPINE (2007-2011)

The Young Haleians’ Endeavour Award for 2020 recognises Matthew's outstanding accomplishments, future ambitions and endeavours in art.

Hale School ignited Mathew's love for visual arts. By the time he was in Year 11 he would spend every free afternoon available, painting in the art department. He received the Leon Pericles Art Prize in his final year went on to persue his passion for art in 2012, studying his Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University.

Mathew's first major industry accomplishment came in 2014 when he won the City of South Perth’s Emerging Art Prize. The same year and upon graduating, he was awarded a studio residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre and undertook his first solo exhibition at Free Range Gallery in Perth.

Matthew returned to study in 2016 to complete his Honours, and also held a solo exhibition at the Art Space Collective in Scarborough. At the beginning of 2018 he was selected for a solo exhibition at c3 Contemporary Art Space in Melbourne. Since the solo show in Melbourne, he has exhibited in group shows in Brisbane, Houston (USA) and Perth; and held further solo exhibitions in Launceston and Perth. Each exhibition and the conversations that emerge from them continue to inspire Matthew to create.

One of the most rewarding experiences Matthew describes as an artist, has been painting a mural at the Senior Boarding House at Hale. The mural gave boarders the opportunity to reflect upon the place that they grew up and to express their love for their hometown by helping to paint a symbol of that place on a map that he painted on the wall. Matthew believes facilitating this project cemented the power of art to bring people together to celebrate their communities.

"Receiving this financial support will be an incredibly helpful way to engage in a focused and intensive period of making. It will allow me to concentrate on making a significant body of work that could be entered into a number of national art prizes and be used to apply for a solo exhibition at a respected gallery."

    Kim O'Brien (R) YH Chair presenting Matthew McAlpine (L) with his Endeavour Award