The New Mayor of 'Baysie'

The New Mayor of 'Baysie'
The New Mayor of 'Baysie'

Dan Bull (1994-95) would have been considered little out of the ordinary in the mid-90s.

Dan was Vice Captain of Music, and gained Symbols for both Drama and Rugby - which would have been considered a bit unusual at the time - for a 90s child!

His career path also reveals a non-conforming approach. Having commenced studies in music at UWA, majoring in performance on the French horn he transferred to the UWA Law School and ended up with a double degree in Law and Arts (with a Political Science major and Music minor).  

Dan was admitted to the bar in 2003 and then in 2004 he left law to tour full time, playing keyboards with Eskimo Joe! He returned to law in 2006, working as a solicitor in Sydney and then back in Perth.
Along the way, Dan began to take an active interest in his local community; specifically around road safety. He contacted his local Council to seek help in making the roads safer and before he knew it he became more broadly involved in a Council-led community group which in turn saw him being elected as a councillor for the West Ward in the City of Bayswater.

“ Local government is a really important tier of government in Australia.  It is real grass roots community representation. A large number of things we take for granted are managed by local governments, from roads and rubbish, to parks, town centre streetscapes, and fetes and fares.  You spend your time really getting to know your community and represent their views to seek great outcomes. It is hard work but it is very rewarding.”

Dan was ultimately elected Mayor of the City of Bayswater. His platform: to drive reforms in an effort to improve the trust of the government in the community.  He wants the locals to love living, playing and working in ‘Baysie’, so creating an environment with a higher level of amenity, great streetscapes and public open spaces, top notch town centres that thrive, and improve industrial areas are important things too. He wants to provide strong leadership in liaising with State and Federal governments to achieve great outcomes for his area; a structure plan for the Bayswater Town Centre is underway, there’s proposed redevelopment for the Bayswater Train Station as the new Forrestfield and Ellenbrook lines will each merge at Bayswater Station as part of Metronet.

It sounds like Dan will have plenty to think about in his new role.

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