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            The first year of the Darlot Cup. The High School won it each year
            for the first seven years.

            On 1 January John Forrest, politician, ten years the first Premier                                                         The Hon. James L Walker  Alexander Phipps Turnbull  Thomas A L Davy          Frank B Riley
            of Western Australia, was appointed the first Federal Treasurer
            for the Commonwealth of Australia. After many achievements,
            he was to die in 1918 at the age of 71 years. Perhaps his most
            visible legacy is King’s Park, of which he was an active proponent,
            together with Surveyor-General Malcolm Fraser and Alexander                                                            Rhodes Scholars
            Forrest. Baron John Forrest of Bunbury was the first President of   Hon Sir Walter Hartwell James, KCMG, KC            1904: James L Walker (1902) was the first
            the King’s Park Board.                                                                                                 Old Boy to become a Rhodes Scholar. He
                                                                              1902                                                 went on to become Hale’s first Justice of
                                                                              High School Old Boy Walter James                     the Supreme Court, W.A.
                                                                              succeeded George Leake as Premier and
                                                                              Attorney-General. He was later to be a               1907: Alexander Phipps Turnbull (1906)
                                                                              Senior Partner of the firm Stone James
                                                                              & Co, which ultimately merged with                   1909: Thomas A L Davy (1909)
                                                                              Mallesons to create Mallesons Stephen
                                                                              Jaques, now one of Australia’s leading law           1912: Frank B Riley (1911)
                                                                              firms. He was also a foundation member
                                                                              of the UWA senate before serving as its
                                                                              Chancellor from 1930 to 1936. He was                 1908
                                                                              subsequently knighted, appointed KCMG                Headmaster Charles Faulkner formed
                                                                              (Knight Commander of the Order of St                 the School’s first cadet unit under the
                                                                              Michael and St George).                              blueprint laid down in the Australian Army
                                                                                                                                   and Defence Act of 1908.
                                                                              1903                                                 Undeterred by the assertion that the   CRICKET MATCH
                                                                              24 January: The Kalgoorlie pipeline is               School did not begin until 1878, Old Boys   Bishop Hale’s School XV v High School X! - 24 February 1905
                                                                              opened. A former Governor of High                    of the 1860s from the Bishop’s Collegiate   Back: S Phillips, David Forrest, LS Eliot, Sir Henry Parker, Sir John Forrest, George Lefroy, Morton Craig,
                                                                              School, Dr John Winthrop Hackett, stated:            School played cricket matches against the   W Morgans
                                                                                                                                   boys of High School and were pleased to   Middle: Oct Burt, RF Sholl, Charles Edwards, Geo Parker, SF Moore, Sept Burt,
                                                                              ‘Two men and two men alone were                      call themselves ‘Old Boys’.      W Clifton, M Bunbury
                                                                              responsible for the Coolgardie Water                                                  Front: FS Brockman, JJ Higham, Knight, AS Roe, HS Ranford, Frank Craig
                                                                              Scheme, Sir John Forrest and Mr C.Y.
                                                                              O’Connor, the man who gave his life for              1910s
                                                                              it’.  2                                              Bishop’s School Old Boy Sir Edward
                                                                                                                                   Wittenoom heads the Perth directorate of
            The official opening of the Goldfields Water Supply scheme.                                                            the ‘Jarrah and Karri Company’, one of the
                                                                              2  Sir Winthrop Hackett, in Bill Edgar (2008), From Slate   world’s major timber companies.
                                                                              to Cyberspace, Wembley Downs, Hale School, p. 69.
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