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                                The School closed temporarily
                                early in 1872 but several weeks
                                later re-opened under Colonel E.W.
                                [‘Paddy’] Haynes. It subsequently
                                joined the newly constituted High
                                School in 1878. Haynes was born in
                                Ireland, educated at Kings’ College,
                                a civil engineer by profession and
 1869                           migrated to South Australia in 1867.
                                He travelled to Western Australia in
 Bishop’s School Old Boy John Forrest   1871 and took up the post of second
 leads a 4 month expedition from   master under the Reverend Hare.
 Perth in search of clues to the fate of   Haynes.            The 1874 Expedition
 the long-lost Leichardt expedition.                          Back: T Pierre, T Windich, J Kennedy, J Sweeney Front: A Forrest, J Forrest
 1870s                          Bishop Hale requested retirement
 Bishop’s School Old Boys John and   Col. E W Haynes (1872-1878)  (from the Diocese of Perth) but was
 Alexander Forrest undertake various   appointed to succeed Bishop Tufnell
 expeditions to open up vast areas   as Bishop of Brisbane where he was
 of the state to agriculture, and were   to serve for another 11 years.
 rewarded with various grants of land.
 John Forrest - 1874            12 September: The High School Act
                                1876 was passed by the Legislative
                                Council. The new school assumed the
                                title ‘High School’ and came under
                                the control of Governors appointed
                                by the State.
                                Richard Davies commenced as first
                                Headmaster of The High School.
                                Paddy Haynes walked his 14 boys
                                across St George’s Terrace to join the
                                newly constituted School located in
                                Mr George Randell’s house opposite.
                                The High School and the Haynes’
                                Perth Collegiate School became one.
                                                              Mr George Randell’s house occupied by the School in 1878
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