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                                              The History of Hale School and its Old Boys

                                                   ‘…who can deny that to Bishop Hale must be given the credit of being
                                                   something more than the founder of what is now Hale School. He is the founder
                                                   of secondary education in this State; he has urged parents to value wisdom and
                                                   knowledge above wealth, and slowly the lesson has been learned. Steadily there
                                                   grew up a generation in whose minds the truth of Hale’s teaching had taken root,
                                                   and the tradition thus implanted with so much toil and sacrifice has been built
                                                   upon ever since’
                                              No school or its graduates have played as prominent and integral role in the governance
                                              and development of Western Australia as Hale School and its Old Boys.

                                              Since its establishment over 150 years ago, Hale School has produced six Premiers, an
                                              Acting Prime Minister, numerous recipients of the Orders of Australia, 13 Rhodes
                                              Scholars and influential pioneers of the State’s pastoralist, forestry and iron ore industries.
                                              Old Boys, too, have become prominent musicians, artists, sculptors, illustrators, novelists
                                              and poets; they have become leading scientists, industrialists and businessmen. They
                                              have been recognised as distinguished public servants. They have served their country
                                              and been awarded the Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Orders, Military Crosses and
                                              Distinguished Flying Crosses. They have represented the state and the country in sport
                                              at Olympic, national and state representative level. In other words, they have consistently
                                              upheld Hale School’s long standing reputation of producing young men determined to
                                              excel, to lead and, above all, to implement the School’s motto and fulfil their duty to their
                                              mates, their families and to the community.  1

                                              1  Canon A. Burton (1900), History of Hale School, 1858-1900, p. 3.4
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