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1800s      1858

            Bishop Hale established the Bishop’s Collegiate School, the predecessor of Hale
            School. The first pupil enrolled at the School was Laurence Eliot, son of the government
            administrator at Bunbury. Legend has it that Bishop Hale escorted the 11 year-old Eliot
            on horseback to Perth, camping out in the bush, over a three day period, in time for the
            opening of the School doors for the first time at 8.30 on the 28th June, 1858. Eliot was
            later to become the State Under Treasurer.

                                                                                Hale School’s first site:
                                                                                The Cloisters  1860
 Alderley Manor, Gloucestershire  Dr Mathew Blagden Hale
 1811       After the tenures of JG Bussell (Acting)
 Mathew Blagden Hale, the founder of Bishop’s Collegiate School   and Canon B.G. Sweeting (1858-63) as
            Headmasters, the Reverend F.T. Taylor was
 (later to become Hale School) was born at Alderley Manor,
 Gloucestershire on 18 June.  appointed in 1864.
 1847       1865
 Hale travelled to South Australia where he became an   18 August 1865:The proprietorship of
 Archdeacon to Bishop Short in Adelaide While there he was   the School was conferred upon a Board
 instrumental in the formation of St Peter’s College in Adelaide   of Governors incorporated by an Act
 and primarily responsible for the establishment of a mission for   of Incorporation and became formally
            described as the Perth Collegiate School,
 Aborigines at Poonindie on the Eyre Peninsular.
            notwithstanding that it was still popularly
            known as the Bishop’s School.
 Hale first visited Western Australia with Bishop Short (in whose   1869  The Cloisters: 1865
 diocese W.A. lay) and met his future wife Sabina Molloy of   Back:   T Quinn, G Eliot, BC Wood, Morton Craig, O Burt,
 Augusta.   The Reverend F. A. Hare appointed as
            Headmaster of the School.                  Alex Forrest, W Chidlow, W McKail
                                                Middle:   FB Wittenoom, V Bruce, EB Courthope, F Burt, The Headmaster,
 1857                                                  H Gale, A Burt, J Ramsay, F Durlacher.
 Hale was consecrated first Bishop of Perth at Lambeth Palace in   Front:    E Wittenoom, Geo Parker, AS Roe, Chas Edwrads, J Bovell, T Shenton
 London and arrived aboard the convict ship ‘Nile’ to take up his
 appointment on 1st January 1858. appointment on 1st January
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